The Italian coach presented to the press: “I was sorry to leave Ukraine, but in this club there is everything to do well. We are fourth, the goal is to finish the Premier in the top 10”

    There is great anticipation around Roberto De Zerbi in the Premier League. The former Sassuolo coach today spoke at a press conference on his first real day as manager of Brighton, the club he will lead for the next 4 years. “Leaving Ukraine – admits De Zerbi – was difficult, very difficult. I had chosen Shakhtar for the players, the club and the Champions League, I never expected the epilogue of February 24. Ukrainian people and my players, what I can do is continue to work with the same passion and the same desire. “


    In England De Zerbi restarts from what is becoming an important team in the Premier League. “For me this is a great challenge, I am in the most important league in the world, for me it is a source of pride to be in a young, serious club with clear ideas, in a team that has already been tested and is doing well. of feet, but with my personality and to do what I am capable of, taking my experiences and my knowledge with me and trying to take away what there will be to learn. I believe I have very talented players. Brighton is similar to Sassuolo also in terms of age of the players, for the mentality of the club and of the owners, I see similarities also in the attitudes of the players, obviously in Premier and A there are different styles of play, but as a club they are very similar “.


    Brighton was flying with Potter, then chosen by Chelsea for the post-Tuchel. “I take a fourth-placed team – comments De Zerbi – and it is a major stimulus for me. The goal is to improve last year’s results and stay among the top 10 in the league. We have many strong players, I have seen many Premier League matches. lately, I have studied each player individually, the team on the pitch knows what to do, has a very clear style, but I believe that perfection does not exist and that there is always something to improve, then it is one thing to see them play, another is to train them. players. I have some news in mind to bring, without upsetting anything “.


    The great esteem between De Zerbi and Guardiola greatly intrigues the British media. “I think Pep is an unrivaled coach, he proved it not only in England, but also in Germany and Spain. ready to help me if I need it, obviously not when we play against City. “