De Zaanse Regenboog is looking for Lego blocks for an exhibition and building competition

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Zaanstad and the fifth anniversary of the Zaan Pride, the Zaanse Regenboog is organizing a Lego building competition and an exhibition in the town hall. Oscar Bodelier does this at NH Helpt a call: he is looking for Lego blocks for the exhibition, competition and construction afternoon.

De Zaanse Regenboog celebrates both anniversaries by getting as many people as possible to build with the blocks. “The Lego world is very colorful and very peaceful, which is why it fits in very well with the theme of the Zaan Pride: ‘Celebrating Diversity’. And it is of course festive,” says Oscar in the radio program NH Helpt.

The plan is to create characteristic Zaanse buildings for the exhibition. There will also be a Zaan Pride made from Lego, a building competition and a construction afternoon.

What kind of Lego exactly is Oscar looking for for the construction afternoon? “It can actually be any Lego, but it must be real Lego and not other products on the market. Because Lego actually always fits, everything is welcome.” Many of the Lego figures are welcome. “We want as many people as possible to participate in the parade.”

Construction afternoon

De Zaanse Regenboog will use the collected Lego for the exhibition and what they cannot use immediately will go to the construction afternoon for children. “For children who do not have Lego at home, they can still build something for the building competition if they want. They can also take home what they have built.”

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Oscar himself is a big fan of Lego. “The nice thing is of course building, that is positive. You build something, you create something. The nice thing is that it always fits, so you have no stress and you can fully express your creativity in it,” says Oscar. “The best part, and we also ask this in the building competition, is to design something yourself. Your own idea. What do you want to make? And build it in Lego.”

Oscar himself has already started building for the exhibition and has already completed the Zaanse synagogue. “I am now working on the Zaanse mill Het Pink. I went there last week to see how the mill is put together. That is a very big challenge.”


The competition has now been officially launched, so anyone can start a construction project. Anyone who would like to participate in the building competition can send an email to: [email protected]. You will then receive an email with the rules. Do you have Lego to donate? Then the same email address applies. “The Lego ultimately goes with the children with what they built. So all the Lego ends up in a good place.”

The mayor will open the exhibition in the town hall on May 31. “Those selected from all entries will also be included in the exhibition.” The buildings can be admired throughout the month of June. Ultimately, there are characteristic buildings of the seven Zaan villages, the Zaan Pride and the winners of the construction competition. Oscar is looking forward to it. “For me, there is no bigger party than when Lego is involved.”