Koni De Winter, defender owned by Juventus but on loan at Empoli, had his say on the first part of the season.

    Koni DeWintersoccer playerEmpolibut owned by Juventusmade statements to Tuttojuve.com. Here are his words: “It’s proceeding in the best possible way, I have a good feeling with my teammates and the country is very beautiful. Then nearby is Florence, rich in history and art, and many other cities to visit. I really feel very comfortable with all.

    My goal between now and the end of the season is to play as many minutes as possible, but there’s always a desire to learn and improve. Most exciting match? Definitely the one against Juventus, my team, played at the Allianz Stadium. It was exciting to face my former team-mates, unfortunately the result wasn’t favourable. But it was a good experience. Someone might think that I only like football, but that’s not true. I’m passionate about basketball, the NFL, and I follow all things sport with interest. I like going out with friends, spending time with my family and my dog.