De Nieuwe Rentmeester: big plan for Veenhuizen before the summer

De Nieuwe Rentmeester is also busy ‘cleaning up’ rental agreements. “That’s why we’re looking for ‘new settlers’, as I like to call them,” says Morsink. “Entrepreneurs or parties who like to settle here and add something to the story of Veenhuizen.”

The native Tukker prefers to see different clusters arise in the village. “A culture and tourism cluster, for example.”

Coherence is of great importance for this and that is precisely what Morsink sometimes misses. “Cohesion among entrepreneurs, but also among residents. You clearly have the people in the village who already lived here and those who are new here. That sometimes makes it difficult to get everyone on the same page.”

Morsink knows that it is impossible to move Veenhuizen as a whole in one direction. “If you can get 70 to 80 percent of the village behind your plans, you can be satisfied,” Morsink thinks aloud. “Ultimately you just have to do something, something has to happen. Sometimes it annoys me that the municipality wants to keep talking to people until the end, just to get everyone happy. You have to keep going.”