De Jonge is working on a priority scheme for low and middle incomes for houses up to 355,000 euros

Municipalities will be given the opportunity to allocate owner-occupied homes up to 355,000 euros to low and middle incomes. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Housing, CDA) is working on a permit requirement that should give priority to the less wealthy groups. De Jonge thinks it is “justified” to “make room in this way”, he explained on Wednesday evening into a debate about the bill that regulates priority. The House of Representatives will vote on it next week.

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After criticism of the plan of coalition parties VVD and D66, the minister emphasized that homeowners can continue to determine the price for which they sell their house. “The outcome of the bidding process is leading.” But if there are only bids of less than 355,000 euros, De Jonge wants to make it possible for municipalities to impose a housing permit for someone with a low or middle income.

Homes above 355,000 euros are not subject to the permit requirement. “The purchase price determines whether the house falls within the regulation,” he says. De Jonge has been working for some time on policy to strengthen the government’s grip on the housing market; according to him, this is necessary because middle-income people would otherwise be forced to leave the cities. He also wants to prevent starters from disappearing from rural villages due to wealthier competition from outside.