Dazn, seasonal record for the twenty-seventh day of Serie A: almost 7 million viewers

Napoli-Juventus on Sunday evening came close to 2 million and entered the top 5 for 2023-24, but Lazio-Milan also exceeded 1.2 million

The twenty-seventh matchday of Serie A recorded a new seasonal audience record on Dazn: almost 7 million fans glued to the screens of their devices to experience the emotions of the ten matches scheduled between Friday (Lazio-Milan) and Monday (Inter-Milan). Genoa). With 6,873,841 spectators, the last round rose to first place in the ranking of the most watched of the 2023-24 season and displaced the eleventh and nineteenth days which had seen, respectively, 6,699,438 and 6,552,798 people connected . The big match between Napoli and Juventus, which culminated with the victory of Calzona’s team over Allegri’s, entered the top 5 of the most watched matches of the championship underway on Dazn with 1,974,209 spectators. Maradona’s direct clash surpassed the first leg match between the Bianconeri and Azzurri, played on 8 December at the Stadium (audience of 1,908,333). The data from the advance match between Lazio and Milan was also excellent, with 1,219,640 spectators connected.