Day ends cold and with code yellow: roads across the country can be slippery | Domestic

It seemed like a moderate winter day on Wednesday, but it ended with a fairly cold evening and night. Because it rains here and there or there is fog, roads can become dangerously slippery, the KNMI warns. Code yellow applies from 10 p.m. until after the Thursday morning rush hour.

It has been a fairly clear day, and because there is little wind, it cools down considerably in the evening, WeerOnline reports. The temperature then quickly drops below zero degrees Celsius. Roads that are still wet can turn into an ice rink.

But it can also become slippery in places where it has not rained. The air is very humid; WeerOnline warns of a lot of fog. The frost can make roads, but also bridges in residential areas, treacherously slippery. They cool down a lot faster than regular roads, and there is often no gritting.

The slipperiness will disappear again during Thursday morning, but there is a chance that you will still need to be careful during the morning rush hour. The fog or low clouds can linger for a long time, especially in the north and east. As it warms up, we will also get some sunny spells. It will be a maximum of about 6 degrees.

The weather will change from Friday

It can also become slippery during the night from Thursday to Friday, especially in the northeast. From then on it will be warmer at night and during the day we will even exceed 10 degrees again. After that the weather remains changeable and autumn-like.