D’Aversa, we must give our best, in football nothing is impossible…

Roberto D’Aversa spoke at a press conference on the eve of his Lecce’s match against the league leaders

Receiving the league leaders at home, whether they are called Inter, which boasts important numbers, which comes from 9 consecutive victories, could intimidate or motivate. The latter is the case of Roberto D’Aversa, as stated in the pre-race press conference at 6pm: “It may seem impossible to achieve results but I don’t believe in the impossible in football (the famous saying The ball is round docet…. ed.). There are some positive aspects: we are playing at home for example, where we have already scored 19 points. We have to go onto the pitch pushed by the public, trying to give your best in terms of intensity. We have to try to put a team that has played a Champions League match in difficulty“. No awe, therefore, and head down for a challenge in which, continues the Giallorossi coach, “there is always something to lose. We have to give our best and see how things go. Teams struggling to save themselves a few shots against the big teams must do so.

D’Aversa still has some reservations about the lineup that will take the field: “I usual doubts, the boys always train to the maximum. We face Inter who are coming off 9 consecutive victories. The weather situation may affect some training choices. We have to face tomorrow’s match as if it were the most important in our championship. We must have nothing to complain about at the end of the game, we must ensure that the episodes we can influence are in our favor.“.