D’Aversa: Lecce are considering immediate dismissal

At the stadium there is a discussion between the coach and the club about the incident. The 5 points in the last 12 games don’t help either

Francesco Calvi

March 10, 2024 (changed at 7:08 pm) – MILAN

The post-match madness against Verona could cost Roberto D’Aversa dearly, who in addition to a heavy disqualification now also risks being sacked. His gesture is unacceptable and, at the same time, symptomatic of the coach’s current state of mind: impulsive and out of control. For this reason, the Lecce management met to make the necessary reflections, questioning the opportunity of a change on the bench.

the results

The Lecce of the beginning of the season, which plays well and never loses, now represents a distant memory: one victory and two draws achieved in the last 12 outings, just one point ahead of the relegation zone. Despite everything, even after the defeat against Verona, the Lecce management would probably have confirmed D’Aversa without hesitation, aware of the importance of next Saturday’s match against Salernitana. During the Sticchi Damiani era, on the other hand, dismissal during the current season was rarely taken into consideration. Baroni was never at risk last year, despite a long winter crisis, nor was Liverani in the 2019-2020 championship, which ended with relegation to Serie B.

out of control

This time, however, the situation is different. The post-match events against Verona were condemned by Lecce in an official statement. And Sticchi Damiani, together with the other managers, spoke with D’Aversa immediately after the incident. In the heart of Via del Mare, in the absence of the players, a discussion was held between the coach and the leaders of the Giallorossi club, who expressed some doubts to the coach about his state of mind. The clash with Henry, which came a few moments after a sporty handshake with Baroni, is worrying first and foremost from a psychological point of view: D’Aversa is still the right man to keep up a team that, now more than ever, does it need to regroup? The reflections of Sticchi Damiani, Mencucci, Corvino and Trinchera will start from this question and, in any case, will also have to take into account the heavy incoming sanction.

in Salerno

Of the ten remaining matches between now and the end of the championship, Lecce risks playing many of them without their coach on the bench. The choice on D’Aversa’s future, however, could arrive even before the Sports Judge’s decision, considering that the official verdict would be just four days away from the match against Salernitana. The delicacy of the next match remains in the foreground, therefore Lecce will soon decide whether to confirm D’Aversa – effectively granting him one last chance – or, more likely, to dismiss him immediately, perhaps focusing on one of Semplici, Gotti and Giampaolo. The first worked with Corvino when he led the Fiorentina Primavera, the second was Donadoni’s deputy in Pantaleo’s Bologna. On the one hand the embarrassment of what was seen after the final whistle, on the other the need to arrive at the match in Salerno in the best possible way: at Lecce we think about these two factors.