Darts more popular than ever: from lockdown hobby grown into true hype

    With the current Darts World Championship being broadcast live on television and where Belgians such as Dimitri Van den Bergh and Kim Huybrechts are also doing well, the sport is more popular than ever.

    At Dartshop Vanhee in Menen – the largest in the country – the sport is extremely popular and manager Kevin has also noticed this. “I think that has to do with corona. People were not allowed to do anything and they were looking for a sport to practice at home,” he says.

    No cafe sport

    “It is no longer a café sport if half of Belgium darts.” Now you can find more than 2,500 different types of darts here. Two years ago there were only four species.

    Kevin has easily received more than a hundred customers a day for the past month.