It’s quite a joke that got out of hand, laughs Danny Biemans (42) from Helmond. His video in which he reads a letter to Russian President Putin has spread like wildfire in app groups and on social media. In that letter he tells Putin quite the truth, in a combination of flat Helmonds and coal English. “Don’t you dare drop a bomb on the Netherlands, hey. And certainly not on Hellemond. Because then we’ll all come to Russia.”

    Hello mister Putin, I’ve seen on the television that you are starting World War 3″, that’s how Danny starts his letter. All that threatening with nuclear bombs, taking Ukrainian territory, Danny is done with it. “Is it maybe not a good idea to take it easyMore than ten thousand people have now seen the video, Danny estimates.

    “It is difficult to predict whether a video will go viral.”

    Contrary to what the video suggests, making funny videos is not a daily activity for Danny. In daily life he works in shipping, in the wind industry: connecting wind turbines at sea. That’s why he’s away from home a lot. “It’s two weeks on, two weeks off.” And in those two weeks that he is home, he enjoys making videos. “It’s been a hobby for years. But or a movie viral I find it hard to predict.”

    It happened once five years ago. “Then someone had written a letter to Kim Jong Un,” says Danny. “The text was not mine, but I then made a video in which I read that letter.” That went too viral. “I got it back from friends and colleagues, like ‘hey, is this you?’ That was fun,” Danny recalls.

    “We’re kicking a hole in your fontanelle like that!”

    So reason to try again. But with a self-written letter. It didn’t even take that much effort for him. “I just picked up my pen and wrote a piece. At work I speak English every day so that wasn’t that difficult and I live in Helmond so I was able to pick up that accent.” It turns out to be a golden combination.

    The video has been viewed thousands of times at the time of writing. “I already get it back from all over the Netherlands”, Danny laughs. It remains to be seen whether the video has also reached Putin. But that seems only a matter of time. “We shovel ouch such a hole ouch fontanelle. Greetings from Helmond.”

    Watch the entire video Danny made for Putin here:

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