‘Danny de Munk demands tons of victim? Bit premature!’

Evert Sanwaarden thinks it is very premature that Danny de Munk wants to demand tons from the woman who reported rape against him. “I am very surprised.”

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Danny de Munk has asked the judge if he can hear the woman who accuses him of rape in public, his lawyer has confirmed after reporting from juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer. She states that the singer wants a huge compensation from her. According to her, it is about ‘tons’.

‘Much too premature’

Far too premature, according to Privé editor-in-chief Evert Sankrediets. “Danny will first have to wait and see what the judge has to say about the victim’s story,” he says in his podcast Strictly Private.

Evert thinks that Danny is very much ahead of things. “I think it’s quite expeditious of his lawyer that he wants to start with damages before you are convicted or acquitted.”

Correct sequence

It is understandable that Danny is impatient with the slow legal procedure, says Evert. “Yes, of course these are all procedures that take a lot of time. It’s very good to show that you don’t let yourself be walked all over, but the order in this matter also seems very important to me.”

He continues: “Danny is not yet in a situation where he can claim damages of tons, apart from whether there will be tons to be gained from that girl.”

‘Feel free to ask’

Evert seems to be hinting that this is just a PR stunt by Danny. “Questions are always free of course. For the home front, he also has to be thorough and he can’t just sit on the couch and wait to see what happens.”

“I am surprised that he does not first wait for the case and then demand compensation,” he concludes.