Daniel Barclay, Lineas de palabras: the vernissage of the Peruvian artist

uA line that connects Peru to Italy, skilfully outlined by the Peruvian artist Daniel Barclay. Wednesday November 16 inaugurates ‘Lines of speech‘, the exhibition curated by Greta Zuccali And Marta Blanchietti in collaboration with the Consulate General of Peru in Milan. The artist grapples with the complicated question of limits on freedom of expression and with the equally complicated distinction between celebration and oppression in the form of monuments in the public square. In Barclay’s work the monument, or rather the anti-monument, becomes a place of impermanence.

Daniel Barclay, colors and lines

«Daniel Barclay’s works investigate, through bright colors and intricate linesthe complex relationship between bodies and places, between the community of people that moves within the space and the dialogues that are created in the material reality, configuring itself as a social, cultural and personal research.

They are a living investigation into the continuous, changing and fascinating relationship between space, bodies and people, material and immaterial, visible and invisible, movement and stillness, presence and absence», explains Marta Blanchietti.

The abstraction of Daniel Barclay

«Central aspect of Barclay’s artistic practice is theabstraction. In today’s world characterized by a fluidity without points of reference, art, in its loss of figurativeness and materiality, responds to the urgency of reconfiguring expressive forms. Dissonance and movement in space and time are therefore key elements of Barclay’s work, which is articulated in works in which permanence and impermanence take shape», adds Marta Bianchetti, creator of HUB/ART.

The exhibition in Milan

The exhibition takes place at Consulate General of Peru in Milan, in Via Fabio Filzi 23

Opening hours from Monday to Friday from 11.00 -13.00/14.30 -16.00 Until 25 November


Milan, Via Passo Pordoi, 5, (Milan)

Opening hours from Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30/14:00-18:00


16 November 2022, 6:30-9:00 pm

Until January 10th.