In 2010, he was Ghana’s second-choice goalkeeper at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Now Daniel Agyei defends the goal of second divisionist OFC from Oostzaan. A big step back, but the 33-year-old keeper still dreams of the national team. “I hope that one day I can win the World Cup with Ghana.”

    In Oostzaan, Agyei initially has to settle for a place on the reserve bench. Trainer Pieter Mulders chose Ischa Bouwman as first goalkeeper. After nine games, the North Holland team dangled at the bottom of the competition, after which Mulders decided to intervene. “We were in a lesser phase. Then you try to force something. You don’t change a keeper quickly, but Daniel trained well and deserved it. In the end, the change worked out well,” said Mulders.

    Despite a rough start, Agyei is having a good time in Oostzaan. “I’m very happy here. I’ve been playing the last few games and it’s getting better.”

    In recent years, the Ghanaian-born played in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana. He came to the Netherlands because his wife and children are from here. “I want to stay close to my family and not let my children grow up without a father. Next season I want to continue playing in the Netherlands. Hopefully in the honorary or first division.”

    Hoping for internationals

    Agyei played his last international match for Ghana in 2013. Nevertheless, the goalkeeper still dreams of a longer international career. “As long as I have football I hope for a new chance. Last summer I was still in contact with the goalkeeper coach for the World Cup selection of the national team. In the end I was not selected because I did not play at the beginning of the season. That is changed now.”