Dangerous, unguarded level crossing near New Amsterdam still in use

The municipality of Coevorden and the province are co-financiers of the construction of the road. Both paid 75,000 euros. “This is the maximum amount we want to contribute,” says councilor Jeroen Huizing. According to him, ProRail has asked to set up a discussion between the various parties ‘to try to reach an agreement together’. Huizing also says he does not know the exact nature of the conflict, but that does not prevent mediation by the municipality.

The unguarded level crossing is used most by the Kupers family. Two years ago, he was very happy that a solution was in sight. The family now hopes ‘that the problems will be resolved quickly and that the construction of the road will continue.’

The total costs of the entire adjustment were estimated at 320,000 euros in 2021. It is not known what the new costs could be. What is clear is that it is much cheaper than securing the level crossing with level crossing barriers, flashing lights and bells. That alone would cost a million euros, adjustments often have to be made to signals or another level crossing and then you quickly end up with one and a half million euros for one level crossing.