Dancing with the Stars 2023, third episode: cast previews

Dafter the twist in the fifth episode of Blanca 2, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Pierpaolo Spollon they become dancers a Dancing with the Stars 2023broadcast as always tonight at 8.35pm on Rai 1. The two actors follow the guests of Andrea Antonello and Pooh.

Wanda Nara takes to the dance floor and creates sparks: the first rehearsals for

Dancing with the Stars 2023third episode

Giannetta and Spollon’s performance will be subjected – like all special performances – to the judgment of the jury. The sum of the accumulated votes forms the treasurea score which at the end of the episode is assigned by Alberto Matano to one of the competing couples.

Speaking of competing couples: they are all still competing; therefore Antonio Caprarica and Rosanna Lambertucci – last classified in the first episode – they can still compete for victory. They pair up with Maria Ermachkova and Simone Casula respectively.

The other couples they are made up of: Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca, Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron, Lino Banfi and Alessandra Tripoli, Lorenzo Tano and Lucrezia Lando, Ricky Tognazzi and Tove Villför, Teo Mammucari and Anastasia Kuzmina, Paola Perego and Angelo Madonia, Giovanni Terzi and Giada Lini, Carlotta Mantovan and Moreno Porcu, Sara Croce and Luca Favilla.

Pierpaolo Spollon and Maria Chiara Giannetta dancers for a night in the third episode of “Dancing with the Stars 2023”. (Virginia Bettoja)

Wanda Nara: «I have leukemia and I’m no longer afraid to say it»

The cast of the eighteenth edition of the program is quite strong. It is made up of the spearheads of Italian entertainment, to which a transversal face is added: Wanda Nara. The showgirl, wife of footballer Mauro Icardi, is competing after participating last year as a dancer for a night. Since its debut, he has shown that he has what it takes to perform the couple dances that will be assigned to you and also to win over the jury.

The terrible 5s – Fabio Canino, Selvaggia Lucarelli, Guillermo Mariotto, Carolyn Smith and Ivan Zazzaroni – they immediately sang its praises. Well, what is striking about Wanda Nara is not only her dancing skills, but also her human side. In the presentation clip she announced that Milly Carlucci’s invitation came at a difficult time when she discovered she had a health problemAnd. In recent days you have revealed what it is.

“I have leukemia,” he revealed on Instagram. «Initially I called her this thing I have. Then I found the courage to call it an illness and now I call it by name.” Then she added that she felt sorry for “those who thought it was right to get ahead of my time.” Finally, she thanked her followers «for their support. «This challenge is teaching me a lot»he writes, «and not just dancing. It also helps me take away a lot of bad things. Dancing is only good. We can all dance to music and dancing makes the body and soul feel better.”

“Dancing with the Stars 2023”, Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca. (Getty Images)

Dancing with the Stars 2023is Teo Mammucari the probable winner?

The second episode ended with the final rankingThat sees Wanda Nara in the lead, followed by Simona Ventura. Third place for Lino Banfifourth Lorenzo Tano, fifth Ricky Tognazzi. Teo Mammucari comes in sixth place, in seventh is Paola Perego, while in eighth Giovanni Terzi. Bringing up the rear are Antonio Caprarica, Sara Croce and Rosanna Lambertucci.

Among all, Teo Mammucari stands out. His are not performances, but real shows. After years sitting in the jury chair of Yes, it’s worth itreturns to Rai e takes the stage. He delivers one joke after another, he is ironic and self-deprecating, regardless of the digs he throws at the landlady. In particular about the long wait in the Hall of Stars before taking to the track. AND he does it with such sympathy that it is impossible to resent him.

Once the performance is over, the jury’s judgment turns into a hilarious back and forth and he himself explains why in a clip. «I have to be in a context where I have fun», he confesses in a clip. “TO Dancing they take everyone seriously, including the jury. It’s right that everyone plays their role, but I enjoy it. It’s such a fun toy.”