Dancing with the Stars 2023, fourth episode: dancers and cast

L‘appointment with Dancing with the Stars 2023 goes on. Tonight at 8.35pm live on Rai 1 the fourth episode of the program hosted by Milly Carlucci is broadcast, supported by Paolo Belli. On the jury the public finds the president Carolyn Smith, Fabio Canino, Selvaggia Lucarelli, Guillermo Mariotto and Ivan Zazzaroni. Many surprises have been announced, starting with the dancers for a night.

Wanda Nara takes to the dance floor and creates sparks: the first rehearsals for

Dancing with the Stars 2023the dancers for a night of the fourth episode

Taking to the track are Anna Valle and Giorgio Pasotti. The two actors are ready to debut in Lea – Our childrenchapter following a Lea – A new daywhich aired in the winter of 2022. The first episode of the new season will be broadcast on Sunday, November 12. Milly Carlucci announced their arrival on the page Instagram of the program.

«We allow ourselves two great guests. There will be Anna Valle and Giorgio Pasotti, paired as dancers for a night. They will tell us about the fiction Leah». That’s not all, because the hostess has also enlisted another much loved face who has already passed by the track Dancing.

It’s Arisa, winner of the 2021 edition paired with Vito Coppola. «An unforgettable and unforgettable champion returns to this floor to dance for us», reveals the presenter. The announcement of the deus ex machina was followed by a video contribution from the singer herself. «Hello everyone, on Saturday there will be a new episode of Dancing and I will be a dancer for a night,” she says.

«I’m super happy with this opportunity, to return to this place which made me so happy”, he continues, “which made me experience such, very intense emotions. It was time for me to come back”, he adds, “I missed him so much. Enjoy your viewing and I hope to dance as well as I used to, even better.”

Arisa dancer for a night at “Dancing with the Stars 2023” after winning the 2021 edition. (Getty Images)

The competitors at the top and bottom of the ranking

At the end of the previous episode, Sara Croce triumphed in the ranking. Paired with Luca Favilla, he received the 25 treasure points from Alberto Matano. Followed by Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca, Ricky Tognazzi and Tove Villför (recipients of the treasure of 25 points awarded by Rossella Erra), Teo Mammucari and Anastasia Kuzmina.

Fifth place for Carlotta Mantovan and Moreno Porcu, while Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron placed sixth. Antonio Caprarica and Maria Ermachkova in seventh, Lino Banfi and Alessandra Tripoli in eighth, Paola Perego and Angelo Madonia in ninth. Giovanni Terzi and Giada Lini finish, followed by Lorenzo Tano and Lucrezia Lando, Rosanna Lambertucci and Simone Di Pasquale.

By adding the score from social media, where the public can express their preference, the competitors at risk of elimination are Giovanni Terzi and Rosanna Lambertucci, who clash at the beginning of the episode tonight. Whoever gets fewer points must abandon the track, but not the hope of getting back into the game. In fact, he can trust in the repechage that will take place in the next episodes.

Anna Valle and Giorgio Pasotti, dancers for a night at “Dancing with the Stars 2023”. (Getty Images)

The withdrawal of Lino Banfi from Dancing with the Stars 2023

The cast of the talent show could see the exit of one of the contestants, although it has not yet been eliminated. In the last episode, at the end of the performance, Lino Banfi has announced his intention to retire. «Tonight everyone told me: We see you are a bit down. I wanted to say something banfiot, but beautiful. I apologize to you first”, she says, turning to Carlucci.

“Dancing with the Stars 2023”, Ricky Tognazzi. (Getty Images)

«What more could I get than what I got in these three episodes? Far be it from me to be famous. What other popularity must come to me? So I’m leaving tonight. I want to leave space to those who deserve more than me because it seems like I’m starting with an advantage. And they are all very good.” The presenter promised that she would do everything to convince him to stay in the race. Before Banfi the same thing happened in 2021 with Al Bano, who retired following the injury of dancer Osanna Lebedeva.

Meanwhile the show is coming to life. TO Dancing with the Stars 2023 the first controversies arise. After the nice back and forth between Teo Mammucari and Selvaggia Lucarelli, now it’s Ricky Tognazzi’s turn. The tone, however, immediately became heated, also due to the repeated provocations of the juror, who in the end was the protagonist of an altercation not so much with the competitor but rather with his wife, Simona Izzo, sitting in the audience.