Dakota Johnson: the new hair look of the Madame Web star

THEn red dress with navel neckline, Dakota Johnson enchants the red carpet of Madame Web in Mexico City. With very long hair and short layered bangs, in a very warm and coppery shade of brown.

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Dakota Johnson’s new hair look

His new film comes out today in Italian cinemas, in the meantime the daughter of Melanie Griffith she is very busy with the world press tour. Her last stop so far is in Mexico, where she showed off a hair look that perfectly matched her red outfit. And a delicious one bangs full with chiseled margin.

Long hair, micro bangs and copper highlights

After the “see-it-all” effect mesh dress worn at the world premiere in Los Angeles, the atmosphere heats up further with a new look in red. The hair – like the neckline – reaches the navel area, in one styling with defined waves in elegant mermaid style. Which has the upper part full fringe with irregular edge and bowl cut scaling on the sides, up to the level of the cheekbones.

(Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The new hairstyle of the protagonist of Fifty Shades it also includes a new shade, an intense chocolate brown with coppery highlights that brings out her moon skin to the fullest. At 34 years old, the partner of Chris Martin he has an image light years away from the beginnings of his career in Hollywood. When she dyed her hair blonde and left her spacious forehead completely free.

At the MOCA Gala in November 2011. (Photo Getty Images)

«The bangs work very well with Dakota’s facial features» he explained in an interview Mark Townsendhis most trusted hairstylist since 2015 «among other things, it allows her to fix the look in just 5 minutes by focusing on styling the hair on the forehead, leaving everything else natural».

Colorful but soft makeup

The evening event also requires careful and eye-catching makeup, but always with grace, in accordance with the personality of the actress born in 1989. First of all, the makeup artist Georgie Eisdell prepare your face with the beauty device from Current Body. Then leave them eyebrows thick ones that blend with the sides of the fringe, creating the perfect frame for the makeup with focus on the eyes.

(Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The perimeter of black kajal is surrounded by a cloud of creamy eyeshadow in bronze shade, close to the color of the hair. The Fake eyelashes spaced apart in a natural way, they are applied on both edges of the eyelids, with the exception of the insides.

The rest of the trick is played in the values ​​of the brick redwith the apple cheeks delicate and matching lipstick. In a creamy and transparent texture, with the lip pencil of the same tone that defines and increases the volume of the lips without exaggerating.