The horror series “Dahmer: Monsters – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer” follows the development of the famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered 17 young men. Embodied by the “American Horror Story” actor Evan Peters, a nightmarish and very real-looking horror monster is created. The series has been available on Netflix since September 21, 2022.

    Director Ryan Murphy is not only responsible for the series together with Ian Brennan, but also knows Evan Peters from “American Horror Story” times, since Murphy is a co-creator of this series. It is unclear whether the previous acquaintance helped with the implementation. Netflix, at least, believes that two preview videos should be released to do justice to the unusual series. So appeared shortly after first trailer a second to get in the mood for the work.

    What makes the “Dahmer” series so special?

    The story of the Milwaukee cannibal, as Jeffrey Dahmer is also known, differs from other series in this genre. In the total of ten episodes, the story never takes place from his perspective. In this story of the victims, the focus should not be placed on the cruel deeds, but rather deal with more profound aspects.

    The series explores how one man is able to do this through racism, homophobia and systematic failure is in the to murder 17 young men unhindered between 1978 and 1991. Also, the people who tried him to stop, as well these, the looked away, thematized.

    In addition to Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, the cast includes: Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, and Dyllon Burnside.

    More Dahmers?

    On October 7th, Netflix will also release the true-crime documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-portrait of a Serial Killer. In this documentary, among other things, audio recordings are presented on which the murderer himself describes his actions.

    In October, two other series in which Ryan Murphy was involved will also start: first the Stephen King film adaptation “Mr Harrigan’s Phone” and then the thriller series The Watcher.