At the center of the assembly in Bergamo was the search for solutions to encourage the arrival of new sponsors and the need to make the youth sector less bureaucratic. The meeting with Commissioner Di Cintio and the appeal to politics

    The Milanese lawyer Davide Goetz was unanimously re-elected in Bergamo, for the sixth time, president of Adispro, the association that brings together Italian sports directors: over a hundred were present at the meeting. The Governing Council was confirmed with Mario Chiesa (secretary) and the councilors Luca Guercilena, Andrea Peschi, Flavio Miozzo, Bruno Cenghialta and Fabio Baldato.
    It was an important day: the relaunch of Italian cycling and the search for solutions to encourage the arrival of new sponsors were at the center of the discussion. The Federciclismo has been asked to de-bureaucratize the procedures at the youth level. The intervention of one of the extraordinary commissioners of the professional cycling league, the lawyer Cesare Di Cintio, was greatly appreciated, underlining the need to bring all the components to the table to relaunch the national movement. President Goetz says: “Adispro was the first cycling body to meet the commissioners and outline a path to share in order to relaunch our movement. We must defend our professionalism and also turn to politics to find new solutions”. Davide Boifava, the manager who led Battaglin, Visentini, Roche, Chiappucci and Pantani to triumphs, was awarded the prestigious Timone d’Oro award.