Cycling, ‘Caro Michele’ is released, the first book about Scarponi with the memories of 58 friends: Nibali also writes

The book was created by his Foundation and is received after registering: the proceeds support the cycling school and road education projects promoted by his brother Marco.

#CaroMichele I am writing to you. This is what 58 friends made between runners, sports directors, journalists, writers, musicians, suiveurs, led by Marco Pastonesi, in memory of Michele Scarponi, the Marches who died on 22 April 2017 in a road accident in Filottrano (Ancona) , on its streets. Michele, great cycling champion, famous for having believed so much in sport and in its values, putting all his strength and heart into it, until he won the Giro d’Italia in 2011. Many memories published in “Caro Michele “, A book that collects the thoughts and reflections of those who knew him: starting with the words of Alessandra De Stefano, Nicola Savino, Davide Cassani, Mario Cipollini, Vincenzo Nibali, Beppe Martinelli, Marino Bartoletti, Daniele Bennati, Gianni Savio, Enzo Vicennati, Gilberto Simoni, Luca Panichi, Adriano Malori, Dario Cataldo, Augusto Stagi, Paolo Viberti, Luis Angel Maté Mardones, Giorgio Viberti, Giulia De Maio, Bidon and many others.

Emotions From these memories the first book on Michele Scarponi was born, which sees each page full of emotions and memories, smiles and anecdotes. It is the testimony that Michele is still alive in us and that he has marked the history and life of many who have known him, transmitting his values ​​such as respect for the person and for the rules, encounters, social cohesion, hospitality. especially of the most fragile to create a better world. The book also contains a photographic insert with images of Michele taken by Roberto Bettini.

Details “Caro Michele” (Tuga Edizioni) cannot be found in bookstores, but is an exclusive of the Michele Scarponi Onlus Foundation. To have it, you must register as an ordinary participant for the year 2022 at the link: The minimum fee is 25 euros and all income will go to finance two very important projects of the Foundation, directed by his brother Marco: the “Michele Scarponi” Cycling School to educate and train young people who approach this sport, and the project “The Road belongs to everyone, starting from the most fragile one”, to teach road safety education and sustainable mobility for students.