Curry, the Lord of the Rings: “My basketball inspires young people”

He has 4 NBA titles under his belt and 11 shoes with his name: Steph never stops being special

Davide Chinellato

It’s only preseason, but Steph Curry already wants to get serious. His Golden State Warriors’ match against Sacramento only counted for the preparation of the NBA season which starts on Tuesday, but the legend was on the pitch at the end to make the decisive triple. Curry is 35 years old but has no intention of stopping being special, even though he has already won 4 titles and is the best three-point shooter of all time. Even though in the last 10 years he has revolutionized the game with the naturalness with which he scores the basket from outside, making his impossible triples the most imitated gesture after the dunk on pitches all over the world. Steph is a game changer, both on and off the pitch.


Few outside of the Curry family thought Steph had the talent to become one of the 75 greatest players in history. Steph left high school and was snubbed by the best colleges and arrived in the NBA in 2009 from Davidson, a university far from the elite. Even the Warriors, who bet on him, had doubts at the beginning, especially due to the condition of his ankles, which continued to stop him in the first years of his career. When in 2016 Steph became the first MVP in history elected unanimously, winning the best player of the season award for the second year in a row, he was outside the top 50 of the highest paid. In 2023-24 he is number 1 in the salary rankings, the only one above $50 million. He is one of the biggest names in the world of basketball, one of those who leave the court and become icons. With his three-point shot, but also with his charitable commitment in collaboration with his wife Ayesha, whom he met at 15 in church, with whom he had three children.


If on the pitch Steph is inextricably linked to the Golden State Warriors, in sportswear Curry is synonymous with Under Armour, the Baltimore house to which he joined in 2013, before exploding, and of which over the years he has become a symbolic athlete , up to the creation of a personalized brand. His first agreement, in 2013, earned him 4 million per season: now the Curry brand is worth 215 million dollars and like him it has expanded beyond basketball, crossing over into golf (Steph’s passion in addition to basketball) and with idea of ​​impacting youth and giving back to the community through social engagement. “Belief is a big part of who I am both on and off the court,” Curry said recently. «I believe in Under Armor and our Curry Brand, in what we are doing together and in the future». The present is called Curry 11, the new shoe that bears Steph’s name, the fourth made with the personalized brand logo. «Under Armor gave me the platform to make a mark in this industry and revolutionize the world of sneakers. Getting to the eleventh shoe with my name on it is an honor and something to be proud of, something we worked on with the idea that the new generation is also part of history. When we designed it, we wanted athletes and the people who wear it to have the best experience possible, both on and off the field. On a personal level, this shoe is also designed to demonstrate what I intend to do this season: I know I can still give a lot on the pitch, just like my Curry brand.”


One of the main ideas of the brand that bears his name is to have an impact on the new generation. Just like Steph is doing on the pitch: even now that he plays with players who grew up in his myth, even now that he has won everything, cementing his status as one of the best of all time, Curry continues to think about the future. To win a new ring with Golden State, but also to inspire new generations. With his impossible baskets, with the idea that hard work can lead even a player without the superman physique to become a legend. One who revolutionized the game. Both on and off the pitch.