Cultural tips for Groningen and Drenthe: Sarita Lorena, Criminal law? Lifelike!, The Dark Side of Rembrandt van Rijn, In Search of René, Yugoslavia as a Multiethnic State, Tjibbe Hooghiemstra and INCL. list

There is a lot to do in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days. Shake your hips loose during the performance of Sarita Lorena, immerse yourself in criminal law with criminal judge Gerlof Meijer or discover the dark side of Rembrandt van Rijn. And this is not all, read on!

Dilemmas of a criminal judge

How do you make a decision in serious criminal cases with a denying suspect? Why doesn’t a serial rapist get a life sentence? How is it possible that a revolving door criminal once again gets away with a simple community service order?

In ‘Criminal law? Lifelike!’ criminal court judge Gerlof Meijer provides a clear insight into the dilemmas facing criminal courts. Meijer has been a judge since 1993 and has led judges for many years. He noticed that there are many questions about criminal law in society and decided a few years ago to tell the Netherlands about his profession. Criminal judges are often dismissed as too soft. With this college, Meijer brings criminal law closer by providing compelling and convincing answers to their questions.

Veendam – Culture and Congress Center vanBeresteyn, Fri 8 pm, 17 euros

Online lecture series Yugoslavia as a multiethnic state | Advertisement

The former Yugoslavia is relatively quiet compared to the 1990s, when the country became embroiled in war and violence. Still, things remain complicated in the former multi-ethnic state and there are countless unsolved ghosts from the past. Exactly how this works is central to the online course series of the DVHN and LC Academy. Various historical developments are discussed.

The history of Yugoslavia was actually an experiment to let different peoples live together in one state. This situation is related to the tensions that have existed over the years between European powers and the rising nationalism among smaller peoples, including Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes. Tensions that previously contributed to the outbreak of the First World War.

Online – from Tues (10 webinars every Tuesday through April 25), 175 euros (150 euros for subscribers Dagblad van het Noorden and Leeuwarder Courant)

Exciting combination of reggaeton, bossa nova, pop and hip-hop

From the moment Sarita Lorena receives a barbie doll from singer Shakira as a girl, she has her goal in mind: she wants to become as famous as her example. And she is well on her way. With her sultry voice, Latina looks and unprecedented creativity, Lorena is a unique appearance. The singer spent her childhood in Brazil, after which she moved to the Netherlands when she was nine. In her youth she listened to all kinds of music genres: Guus Meeuwis and BLØF, but Lorena is also a big fan of Latin.

Lorena already had a number one single, until she broke through to the general public in 2018 through her participation in FunX talent . This year she performed on the television program Dear Singers , where she sang the stars of heaven. After a productive release year in 2020, which included writing a special track and video for Ajax, Ben Vindo Antony , as a welcome to the Brazilian football players David Neres and Danilo, the singer continues to score hits. Such are her hits On Top and Take me upstairs (together with Ronnie Flex) streamed millions of times. This lady is not sitting still and is eager to blow Simplon over with her mix of reggaeton, bossa nova, pop and hip-hop.

Groningen – Simplon, Sat 8 pm, 14 euros

Musical actor, rock singer and good family man all rolled into one

‘It’s a real shame that you’re in musicals, because with your possibilities you could also become a singer.’ Musical artist René van Kooten has heard this comment regularly over the past 25 years. On his fiftieth birthday he asks himself: who am I? Musical actor? rock singer? History teacher? Or that good family man?

Together with a changing, well-known guest artist, a swinging, rocking live band and the audience, René goes in search of the answer to these questions. Self-mockery, humour, well-known songs from being René and interaction with the audience are the ingredients of his theater show ‘In search of René ‘. He shows himself from all sides. From musical to rock and from fragile to big party. René makes a journey through his own (musical) memories and eventually, together with his audience, adds a new, unforgettable one.

Emmen – ATLAS Theater, Fri 8 pm, 29.50 euros

Craftsmanship of frame maker in the spotlight | Advertisement

In the exhibition INCL. frame, the link between artwork and frame is central. Atelier Horneman is celebrating its 12.5 year anniversary and therefore invites forty artists and cultural institutions (museums, galleries) to participate in this exhibition.

In addition to paintings, framed drawings, graphics and photographs, there is also a cabinet of curiosities that displays all kinds of three-dimensional objects (from jewelery to car parts). This shows that you can actually frame anything. This exhibition gives a stage to the craftsmanship of the artist and the frame maker. The exhibition will be festively opened on Friday 3 February and can be visited until 12 March in Hooghouse in Groningen. During the entire exhibition, participating artists are present daily to supervise. But above all to talk to the public about their work.

Groningen – Hooghouse, Fri 3 Feb to 3 Mar 1 pm, free

Tjibbe Hooghiemstra paints remote places | Advertisement

Artist Tjibbe Hooghiemstra likes to travel to remote places, Ireland in particular. Uninhabited islands and the sea attract him. It gives him the feeling of being a living human being in an imperturbable world. With his drawings, paintings and collages he wants to testify to this and to avoid it.

The desire to travel, always wanting to be where you are not, becomes unbearable without a fixed anchorage. For Hooghiemstra, Friesland is that place. His move to the Tripgemaal in Gersloot prompted the ALTA BOSCA gallery in Gorredijk to dedicate an exhibition to him. The exhibition is about forty years of artistry and contains previously unseen work as well as personal favorites of the artist. The exhibition can be visited from Sunday 5 February.

Gorredijk – Alta Bosca, Sun 5 to Sun 19 Feb 1 pm, free

The dark side of Rembrandt van Rijn

Julika Marijn gives Geertje Dircx a stage. This woman experienced the shadow side of Rembrandt van Rijn all her life. Dircx was Rembrandt’s second wife. She was his mistress for many years and raised his son Titus. She saw his masterpieces, including The Night Watch, created and was also a model for the great painter. Until Hendrickje Stoffels appeared on the scene. Geertje was brutally pushed aside and eventually imprisoned by Rembrandt in a prison.

i in the shadow of Rembrandt gives a contemporary view of the downside of genius and fame, the strength to keep seeking the light, loyalty and its bitter limits. It is a performance about a powerful woman, a recurring theme in Julika Marijn’s theater work.

Roden – Theater de Winsinghhof, Fri 8.15 pm, 20 euros