‘Cruz Beckham distances himself from family to pursue music career’ | Stars

Reportedly, the youngest Beckham scion plans to move to Los Angeles to fulfill his big dream. He is said to have recently signed a contract with Tap Music, which represents stars such as Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding, among others.

Cruz may be a teenager, but he would like to be independent and determined to build a successful career on his own terms. The insider tells Heat Magazine: “Cruz has always had a bit of a rebellious character. He has seen his older brothers struggle a lot. Brooklyn tries to become a celebrity chef or photographer and is criticized for lacking “talent”. In addition, Romeo would never have been able to realize his dream of becoming a football star. Cruz doesn’t want to end up like his older brothers.”

The source continues: “Cruz decided early on that music was his passion, but he doesn’t want to use his family name to achieve success. Although his mother Victoria admires her son’s determination, she fears he will never accept help from her or his father.”