Cruise ship collides with freighter due to storm Mallorca | Abroad

The cruise ship Britannia was docked in the port of Palma on the island of Mallorca, but was blown adrift by strong winds. It then collided with a nearby freighter. According to eyewitnesses quoted in The Guardian and BBC, the Britannia would have suffered damage to the hull, but according to the captain, this would not be structural. Nevertheless, the ship will remain in Palma for a technical examination at least until Monday.

According to testimonies in British media, panic broke out on board the Britannia. Passenger footage shows the ship nearly crashing into the rocks of breakwaters in the harbor. A number of slightly injured passengers were treated on board.

On Mallorca there was wind up to 120 kilometers per hour and torrential rain on Sunday. The Britannia, with a capacity of about 5,000 passengers and crew, left Southampton, UK, on ​​August 18 for a trip to Cádiz, Ibiza and Mallorca and is expected to return on September 1.