Cross-country skiing live ticker: Oslo 50km mass start classic in the live ticker


Field is slowly pulling apart

Niskanen increases the pace at the front and the field slowly breaks apart. The distances are not yet large, but the litter is slowly separating from the wheat.


Once again Klæbo gets the most bonus points

And again Klæbo wins the bonus sprint against Amundsen and Tønseth. Vermeulen takes fourth place and takes eight bonus points. Moch comes sixth and is credited with five points. Niskanen is in eighth place.


The Norwegians continue to set the pace

Klæbo takes the pace with Novak and Gisselman up front. There are still 55 athletes in the field. Lapierre, Vermeulen and Pellegrino can also be found in the top ten. The pace is still not particularly fast. After a little more than ten kilometers, the field goes through the split time at around 27 minutes.


The field remains together

Niskanen now takes over the speed work with Golberg on the climb to Holmenkollen Chapel and takes the lead of the field. At 7.6 kilometers Vermeulen is tenth, the best Swiss is Klee in twelfth and Moch is in 16th place. Everyone can keep up the pace well at the front.


A fall on the descent

The Finn Niko Anttola falls on the descent. He loses a few places, but the pace is not particularly high at the front and so the athlete with start number 49 quickly runs back up to the field. Only the Slovakian Andrej Renda can no longer keep up with the pace and is already a minute behind at five kilometers.


Klæbo gets 15 bonus points

Shortly before the bonus sprint at three kilometers, Musgrave, Burman, Klæbo, Pellegrino and Novak find themselves at the front. Klæbo wins the bonus sprint ahead of Amundsen, Tønseth and Valnes. Musgrave comes sixth, Vermeulen takes four bonus points in eighth.


Everyone still together

The pace is not high in the first few meters. The Norwegians with Amundsen, Valnes and Nyenget take the lead. All 57 athletes can still keep up the pace.


Let’s go!

The starting signal sounds and the cross-country skiers set off. The athletes run through the stadium six times in total. One lap is approximately 8.3 kilometers long.


Swiss quintet

Unlike Germany and Austria, there are now five Swiss participants at Holmenkollen. In addition to Beda Klee (start number 11), Cyril Fähndrich (24), Jonas Baumann (38) and Candide Pralong (42) are also starting. Jason Rüesch will also be competing for Switzerland. At the Olympic Games in Beijing he finished 17th in the long distance.


Just an ÖSV athlete

The starting field for the Austrians is also very small. Only Mika Vermeulen takes part in the 50 kilometers in the classic way.


Only Moch takes up the challenge

Last year, the German Friedrich Moch opted out and withdrew his entry at short notice. This time the Memminger is the only German to take part in the classic 50 kilometer race.


The favorites

The classic at Holmenkollen is back again. A total of 57 cross-country skiers are running the 50km race. In addition to Pål Golberg, Simen Hegstad Krüger, Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget, Erik Valnes and Harald Østberg Amundsen, the Brit Andrew Musgrave as well as the Swede William Poromaa and the Finn IIvo Niskanen are also among the favorites on this route. Last year, the top ten places were all taken by Norwegians. The route was also completed using free technique. Andrew Musgrave was the first non-Norwegian to finish eleventh. Today Johannes Høsflot Klæbo is one of the absolute favorites.


Hello and welcome to Oslo men’s cross-country skiing! The live ticker begins in time before the start of the race.