Cross-country skiing live: Lillehammer 10km freestyle in the live ticker | 02.12.2022 12:45


Moch, Poromaa and Musgrave in wait

In addition to Friedrich Mo0ch, who is running for 10th place, William Poromaa and Andrew Musgrave are also running in this area. What can they do against the Norwegian superiority?


Andersen stays ahead

Tønseth made up ground on the last section of the route, but he was almost three seconds short of the finish line. Andersen stays ahead. Håvard Moseby, Sjur Røthe and Simen Hegstad Krüger ranked third a little later.


Tønseth is hoping

On the course, Andersen was at most pressured by Didrik Tønseth, who is now ahead by two times. But in the end it lost a bit.


Anderson in the lead

Then Iver Tildheim Andersen storms into the goal. The 22-year-old holds his own against his much better-known compatriots today. The Norwegian sets the best time with an enormous lead of 32 seconds. Emil Iversen arrives a little later – exactly half a minute back.


Can Moch annoy the Norwegians?

Unbelievable! After one lap, nine Norwegians are ahead. But then Friedrich Moch intervened, in eighth place he was ten seconds behind the leaders.


Brugger on target

Janosch Brugger has now crossed the finish line – twelve seconds behind Bury. Candide Pralong and Roman Furger did only slightly better. In the end, Mika Vermeulen dropped significantly and is more than half a minute behind.


What are the other nations doing?

First non-Norwegian in the classification is Maurice Manificat. However, he is already more than 20 seconds ahead. The Italian Davide Graz is surprisingly a little better on the road.


Bury stays ahead at the finish line

Another Norwegian has now reached the finish. But Edvard Sandvik also fails because of Dominik Bury’s requirement. There are three tenths missing.


Norwegians as far as the eye can see

This is now developing into Norwegian championships on the track. Sometimes seven athletes from this Scandinavian country are ahead. Iver Tildheim Andersen continues to set the tone. He is ahead in all intermediate times and just comes through at kilometer 5.6.


Lapierre slips behind Bury

Despite his interim bests on the way, Jules Lapierre does not finish. Here the French are suddenly almost four seconds behind Bury.


First finishes

Meanwhile, the first athletes finish their competition. For the moment, Dominik Bury from Poland is ahead at the finish.


The Norwegians are coming

Iver Tildheim Andersen starts really strong. When the Norwegian doesn’t overdo it. After 2.3 kilometers he ran out almost ten seconds. A little later, his compatriots Håvard Moseby, Simen Hegstad Krüger and Didrik Tønseth lined up directly behind them.


French in front

Candide Pralong and Mika Vermeulen are looking for a better division of the race. Both work their way forward. Roman Furger seems reasonably stable. At the top halfway through the race (4.9 kilometers) is Jules Lapierre – ahead of Norway’s Edvard Sandvik and Remi Lindholm.


Brugger leaves feathers

On his second lap, Janosch Brugger runs out of power and gradually falls behind. Apparently, the DSV athlete started too quickly and the race was poorly divided.


Kuchler far back

With Mika Vermeulen and Roman Furger, it’s not enough for the very front. After 3.3 kilometers, the two are missing about six seconds. Albert Kuchler doesn’t get going at all. The 24-year-old German is constantly falling behind and has already lost almost 20 seconds.


Fast Finn

Remi Lindholm is currently setting new best times on the first lap. But the Finn is only ahead by a tenth.

12:59 p.m

3.3 kilometers

Brugger now completes his first lap, but has to give Frenchman Jules Lapierre the lead by almost two seconds. A little later, Pralong joins in fourth. These are still small gaps of a few seconds.

12:57 p.m

Best times for Brugger

Janosch Brugger gets off to a good start. The German sets the best values ​​for the first two times. The Swiss Candide Pralong keeps up in a good direction. This also applies to Roman Furger.

12:55 p.m

Bury ahead after a lap

There are now some intervals. First, Dominik Bury sets the tone, who has just finished his first lap and is still ahead after 3:3 kilometers.


Interesting quartet

One after the other, Candide Pralong, Albert Kuchler, Roman Furger and Mika Vermeulen take to the track – of course 30 seconds apart.


Brugger starts

Janosch Brugger is now pushing with powerful double stick pushes. A top 10 result like in the classic race in Ruka is not necessarily to be expected from the 25-year-old today. We value Fridrich Moch more strongly in the free technique.

12:49 p.m

Klæbo is absent ill

Our biggest contender had to give up the start for a short time. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo’s throat is scratchy. A corona test was negative, but the 26-year-old can withdraw due to the illness. Of course, this opens up unexpected opportunities for everyone else.

12:45 p.m


Now Ireneu Esteve opens the competition. In good conditions, the 26-year-old from Andorra is the first runner on the perfectly prepared course. It will take about 40 minutes for all athletes to set off.

12:42 p.m


Of course, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo must be the top favourite. Last season’s overall World Cup winner seamlessly followed on from last winter a week ago and got off to a perfect start in Ruka with victories in all three competitions. That begs the question again: Who is going to beat the two-time Tour de Ski winner, who is now such a complete cross-country skier? The Russians around Alexander Bolshunov are not allowed to participate for well-known reasons. So the biggest competition for the high-flyer seems to come from within the company. Pål Golberg has shown strong early form with three podium finishes. We also have to consider Simen Hegstad Krüger, the Norwegian champion over this distance.

12:38 p.m

Trios for Austria and Switzerland

Three athletes are at the start for the ÖSV. In addition to Mika Vermeulen (car number 16), we expect Michael Föttinger (76) and Benjamin Moser (77) at the very end. Of course, the Confederates are missing the long-standing guarantee of success, Dario Cologna, who ended his career after the last season. Today’s hopes are pinned on Candide Pralong (13), Roman Furger (15) and Beda Klee (70).

12:30 p.m

German quartet

The field of participants also includes four DSV athletes. Janosch Brugger will start with starting number 10. The 25-year-old knew how to please in eighth place in the 10th in Ruka. However, in Finland they ran in the classic style. The other Germans are Albert Kuchler (car number 14), Friedrich Moch (58) and Lucas Bögl (60).

12:20 p.m

daily task

Ahead of the men is a 3.3 kilometer lap that has to be completed three times. A starting field of 80 athletes faces the competition, who will go out on the track individually and at intervals of half a minute from 12:45 p.m.

12:10 p.m

women and men equal

Due to the adjustment of the running distances, the male cross-country skiers will also be more active over ten instead of 15 kilometers this winter. From now on, women and men should hold the identical competitions at every World Cup location. It was therefore necessary to correct the distances mainly downwards – to 10 or 20 km. So only one 15 remains in the Tour de Ski. In addition, the cross-country skiers in Oslo in March will also be expected to do a 50. The World Championship program for the title fights in Planica will remain unaffected by the changes.

12:00 p.m


This weekend, the World Cup entourage of cross-country skiers is in Lillehammer, Norway. In the 1994 Olympic venue, freestyle races over ten kilometers will start today. The women have already done that, now the men will follow at 12:45 p.m.

Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the men’s cross-country skiing from Lillehammer! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the race.