Crook who robbed accounts with stolen bank cards arrested

A scammer who posed as a bank employee and stole bank cards and associated PIN codes from people’s homes was arrested in Bergen op Zoom on Friday. The police arrested the man in a house on Meidoornlaan. The 30-year-old suspect has no fixed abode.

Detectives from the Zeeland district suspect him of several cases of bank helpdesk fraud. He is said to have committed this crime not only in Zeeland and West Brabant, but also in other places in the Netherlands. The man is suspected of so-called cybercrime. He’s still stuck. The investigation is still in progress.

Bank account
The suspect used the trick where he called people and pretended to be bank employees. The victims could sometimes see the actual number of their bank on the screen of their phone. The scammer used detailed information of his victims, such as account numbers. He convinced everyone that their bank account was no longer safe.

The victims were then asked to ‘secure their entire bank balance in a safe account’ with one or more transfers. That obviously turned out to be an invoice from the scammer.

These types of scammers also use another variant. In addition, someone from the bank supposedly collects the debit card ‘urgently’ from people’s homes and the PIN code is stolen using some excuse. The money is then quickly looted from the bank account.


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