Criticism from Hakkı Yalçın to Beşiktaş! Inadequate players

Beşiktaş’s draw against Antalyaspor is related to the lack of organization in the opponent’s area and the missed penalty. Beşiktaş has an outward side when they are not eager to win, but there are also many players who are “incompetent” in walking towards the goal in the team. Some of them cannot fit themselves into the spirit of being a team.

We remind you this not because of the Antalya match, but because we saw it in the matches before the earthquake. Because the “labor requirement” in Beşiktaş jersey can never lose its validity. The loss of 2 points has also shown that this league is now a championship fight between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray.

There is a team with character in the league that has never changed its stance and fighting spirit; Umraniyespor. They were close to winning in many games, they lost some because of the referees, some because of the irony of football. But they never gave up on the football they played. I call it “the spirit of the knight”. I applaud the coach Recep Uçar, who is at the bottom of the scorecard and creates a team spirit to be respected, as well as the Ümraniye Management who have stood behind their coaches since the beginning of the season.