Cristina Kirchner said goodbye to the Senate: “I’m not going anywhere, they know where to find me”

In a packed room, the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner He said goodbye to the workers of the legislative chamber. At the meeting, dozens of employees of the facility raised their cell phone cameras to record one of the last speeches of the president of the Senate, in one of the most emblematic rooms of the building.

“I’m not going anywhere, you know where to find me,” were the words of the vice president, before the large audience at the Malvinas Hall, in a heartfelt farewell. “I’m going to be close here, two blocks away in the Patria,” concluded the leader in reference to Patria Institute, the think tank that she founded herself in 2016 and that she used as a bunker during Mauricio Macri’s administration. As of December 10, the seat of the upper house will be occupied by the vice president-elect Victoria Villarruel of Freedom Advances.

The video of the president of the Senate was shared by Carina Lopez Monjathe reference of Great Homeland Fronton her

In this way, Cristina closes the legislative cycle commanded by Kirchnerism. Some days ago, Fernandez de Kirchner considered that both the provisional presidency of the Senate and the ownership of the Chamber of Deputies correspond to a representative of Freedom Advances by virtue of the votes obtained in the runoff. Within the framework of the negotiations, Francisco Paoltronipolitical leader of the libertarian kidney and rural producer, was chosen by Javier Milei to propose as Provisional President of the Senate.

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