Criminal from Belgian police’s Most Wanted list arrested in Morocco | Domestic

Aissa was convicted on September 16, 2014 by the Assize Court for acts committed on May 20, 2011 in Brussels. Two men committed a violent theft in an apartment on Bergstraat, during which the victim died from her injuries. One of the perpetrators was caught, the other – Mohammed Aissa – was able to flee.

Since his conviction, he has been tracked down by our country: in 2016 he was even put on the Federal Police’s Most Wanted list.

The Moroccan police arrested the man on suspicion of theft in Morocco. “He has been in prison in Tangier ever since. On March 1, he must appear before a judge who will decide on further steps, taking into account the sentence of life imprisonment that the man received in Belgium,” the federal police announced. Morocco does not extradite its own nationals.