At Zini the match ends without goals. Valuable result for the grigiorossi against the Italian champions

    Cremonese’s seventh point in the championship arrives at home against Milan. Coach Massimiliano Alvini commented the match on Dazn’s microphones as follows: “Cremonese brings home a significant point, which is good for the environment. He spoiled the game at Milan and made life difficult, the credit goes to the players. For it’s an important point for us but it doesn’t change us that much. This point taken today should be enhanced with Friday’s match. We have been able to suffer at certain moments. “

    “This game is worth more than a point? Is it true – continues the grigiorosso coach -. Making foreign players understand the value of the Italian championship and what it means to fight not to be relegated is a path, it takes a period of acclimatization. point should be enhanced even more in the next match and in the coming weeks, this is the reality. The biggest regret is having left so many points, like in Florence in the 95th, or against Lecce and Sampdoria. Against Sampdoria we had the chance to make the leap, but it didn’t happen, but we did it mentally. We became nastier and more determined, more aggressive. I believe that the Cremonese championship today is to be studied and seen, we must embellish it with a victory. Only this is missing, a victory. When you play a game like tonight it is normal to be confident. I congratulated Maldini, it was the first time I saw him up close, he wrote history when I was little and he sees I want matches “.

    The goalkeeper Marco Carnesecchi also spoke at the end of the match: “Tonight’s match of suffering, but also of passion and strength: we did something great and very important. My teammates were good: we deserve this. point. When you see that everyone is fighting on the pitch I like to contribute and help my teammates. Then it’s true the victory still doesn’t come but we are happy because we work well during the week: tonight’s draw will give us confidence, but we certainly don’t have to be presumptuous: now let’s think immediately about Empoli “.