Court sentences Quincy Promes to 1.5 years in prison for stabbing his cousin

The court sentences former Ajax player Quincy Promes to 1.5 years in prison for stabbing his cousin. He must also pay his nephew a compensation of 7000 euros. The incident happened after an argument broke out during a family celebration in Abcoude. At the beginning of March, the Public Prosecution Service demanded another two years in prison for aggravated assault.

The court convicts Promes on the basis of the victim’s report and conversations recorded in another investigation into the footballer. Although Promes has always denied that he was the one who stabbed, he told his father, mother and aunt over the phone and via Whatsapp that he had stabbed his cousin.

Promes, who lives in Russia and chose not to attend the ruling today, is said to have stabbed a cousin in the leg during a family celebration in the summer of 2020. He was arrested in December of that year, but released a few days later.

Aggravated assault

A tendon in the victim’s knee was completely severed in the stabbing. Not only does he have a large scar from the subsequent surgery, he still cannot use his leg as before.

“Did Promes intend to cause injury? Yes,” said the public prosecutor during the substantive hearing. “By stabbing so hard and making movements and in a ferocious state, Promes wanted to inflict serious injury on the victim. It can be considered lucky that it stuck at one time.”

In addition to this conviction, Promes is also a suspect in another criminal case. The former Ajax player is suspected of importing more than 1300 kilos of cocaine and is said to have played a leading role in this. Promes would have had intensive contact with the extractors via PGP messages and directed them to a warehouse where the cargo could be removed from a container.

“Quincy Promes would be fully involved in drug trafficking,” the prosecutor said earlier in court. Since 2018, signals have already been received by the Criminal Intelligence Team (TCI) that Promes is moving in the world of international drug trafficking. Promes was still playing football in Spain at the time, but a year later he decides to sign with Ajax.

75,000 euros

According to the Public Prosecution Service, Promes invested about 75,000 euros in two loads of drugs totaling about 1300 kilos. The consignments of drugs were brought into the port of Antwerp at the beginning of 2020. The first batch, hidden in a container of bags of salt, has never been found. A second batch was intercepted.

Promes’ lawyer said after a first pro forma hearing in the drug case that he expects his client to be present during that substantive treatment.