Court of Audit: without pension reform the federal government will receive “a few tens of millions of euros” less EU money | Interior

LOOK. Last year, the federal government enacted a minor pension reform. Journalist Karel Lattrez summarizes it

Belgium is entitled to 4.5 billion euros from the European Recovery Fund. The European Commission set this up to help member states relaunch their economies after the corona crisis. Belgium was able to apply for a first tranche of 850 million euros in January, but has not yet done so because further work has to be done on the pension reform.

In order to be able to claim this European money, our country must achieve a number of milestones. There are 43 in total, including the pension reform. There is currently a backlog for 8 of those 43 milestones.

The question has been raised for some time how much money our country will miss if there is no more pension reform. According to Councilor Rudi Moens of the Court of Audit, the loss would not be very large. He estimates the effect at several tens of million euros. “People will not be judged on one reform,” Moens said in the Chamber on Tuesday, during a hearing on budget control.