Court heavily secured due to threat in motorcycle club boss murder case

The court in Breda has considered canceling the trial of the murder of co-founder Michel Weiss of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. The reason was a threat, the court said. That is why there is a lot of police around the courthouse in Breda on Friday.

The criminal case about the murder on November 14 last year in Breda will be dealt with on Friday. A report was made to the police on Thursday, the presiding judge said at the start of the trial. “The report said that things may happen inside or outside the building. We even thought of canceling the case altogether and doing it later in a secure court.”

When entering the courthouse, everyone was checked extra extensively on Friday. It is forbidden for visitors to bring bags. The suspect’s lawyer Bisar Çiçek was even searched. “I don’t understand why I’m just now hearing this,” he said.

“I had to hit the wall with my hands, I was grabbed three times in my balls to see if there was anything in my underpants. And then I only now hear how serious that threat is.”

Three members of the Caloh Wagoh motorcycle club, known as an underworld murder squad, were sentenced to life sentences this summer in the Eris criminal trial. That revolved around five murders and the preparation of several other murders, presumably at the behest of Ridouan Taghi.

Due to all security measures, the case started almost half an hour later than planned.

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