Couples fulfill their sexual fantasies in front of the cameras – An extraordinary reality TV show begins

Mady and Nathan are the first to realize their fantasy, but not everything goes smoothly.

Among the participants of the series are, for example, a disgruntled housewife, a voyeur and a couple interested in bondage games. MTV3

Six couples star in Katsomo’s new British reality show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment. The series could be translated into Finnish like this: Open doors: A great sex experiment. In it, couples interested in opening their relationship in one way or another move to a luxurious villa to test their limits with other like-minded people and whether the lifestyle suits them.

A couple therapist will help Lori Beth.

– Couples get to realize their sexual fantasies, the introduction to the series describes.

– They break one of society’s biggest taboos and have sex with people other than their partners.

The villa is hosted by Jess, 24, and hosted by Thom, 33. They are in an open relationship. MTV3

The opening episode follows two of the couples: those interested in group sex Danielle35, and Jonah35, as well as Madya19, and Nathan, 25. The latter want to try a team of three. Mady is bisexual and Nathan is straight, so the third party is a woman. The first night they end up in bed Precious’s37, with.

– Hot to watch, Mady, who was afraid of jealousy in advance, comments when her husband kisses a strange woman.

However, one of the three is not ready for the experiment: Nathan.

– I think you get excited when you look at us, women believe, but that’s where they go to the woods.

Nathan feels like a third wheel. Finally, he turns his side while the women still continue to mumble. Soon they go to sleep too: together in the spoon position. Nathan is annoyed.

– You made my first threesome experience a bad one, the man gets angry at Mady.

Realization of fantasies does not always correspond to images. MTV3

Figuring out the differences leads to a tearful Mady walking out of the bedroom.

On the second evening, we will take you along Grace, 24, with which the warm-up starts in the jacuzzi. Will Nathan’s performance difficulties recur?

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment on Tuesday at Katsomo. See program information for streaming services at Telku.