Couple abused own daughters for years

By Karin Hendrich

The charges against André * (54, electronics technician) and Jutta * (47, businesswoman) T. are so disgusting that you can hardly bear to have the public prosecutor read them out.

The couple from Marzahn is said to have sexually abused their two daughters (initially 7 and 10 respectively) for years. He, the stepfather. You, the birth mother.

The unimaginable: partly together. Sometimes she is said to have sexually stimulated him before he molested the child in question. Up to sexual intercourse. The crime period: 2008 to 2011. The girls only revealed themselves as adults – in the process joint plaintiffs.

The court expects a difficult hearing of evidence. Because there are no other witnesses than the four participants. Any traces are also missing.

And the defendants had their defense attorneys declare at the start of the trial: “The allegations are denied.” Were they innocently dragged before the court by their daughters? Why? Where should the motive for such deep hatred lie?

Now everything depends on the statements of the two young women. In which the parents, according to the motion of the joint prosecutor, should be banned from the room. Otherwise, a “deterioration in the well-being” of the witnesses is to be feared.

Continued: Monday (April 24)

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*Names changed