Could you be fined for not having it in your car?

The punctures on the road are one of the main concerns of drivers when making a long trip, and many people do not know how to react to it. One of the best solutions for punctures is without a doubt the spare wheel but Is it mandatory to carry it in your car? We’ll tell you then.

When should you change your wheels?

Punctures, in many cases, are caused by the tire condition, since many times we neglect them without knowing it. If you are one of those who does not check the condition of your wheels with any frequency, we advise you to take this into account and more if you are preparing to take a trip soon.

Tires generally have a warning light that will help you know when they are more worn than they should be. However, if you don’t use the car much, you should know that generally, the Tires should be changed every 10 years. Furthermore, it is recommended that Every 5 years they are checked by a professional. Here We tell you everything you need to know.

The red dot

Another thing that perhaps you didn’t know about your tires is the so-called Red point. Although it may look like a paint stain or a damage to your wheel, it is a brand made on purpose by the rubber manufacturer and must be taken into account when placing a tire on the rim.

This red dot is used to match the rubber and the rim, since point to the lighter side of the tire. The rim, for its part, has another red dot that will point out its heavier side. By matching them the wheel will be correctly balanced and driving will be safer and more efficient.

The spare tire can get you out of trouble in case of a puncture.

The spare wheel

As we mentioned before, a car wheel usually takes a long time to wear out, but there is always the possibility of suffering a puncture regardless of what your tires are like. For those occasions, it never hurts to have one spare wheel.

Is it mandatory? The truth is that no, so They can’t fine you if you don’t have it in your car, but it is recommended, since it will get you out of trouble if you are stranded due to having a puncture on the road.