Defeating Costa Rica 4-2 in 022 FIFA World Cup Group E, Germany left Spain behind with the same average score and said goodbye to the tournament.

    Starting under pressure, Germany took the lead in the 10th minute. From the left, Raum sent the ball to the penalty area, and Gnabry sent it into the net with a header: 0-1.

    In the 39th minute, Gnabry sent a hard shot from the penalty area to the goal, and the ball narrowly came out from the side of the post.

    When Rudiger could not clear the ball, which was thrown behind the German defense in the 43rd minute, the ball remained in front of Fuller. As soon as this football player entered the penalty area, the goalkeeper Neuer took the leather ball into the corner at the last moment.

    The first half of the match ended with Germany’s 1-0 advantage.

    Costa Rica tied in the 58th minute. Watson hit the ball in the penalty area, centered on the right. Tejeda returned the ball from goalkeeper Neuer and balanced the score: 1-1.

    In the 61st minute, Musiala, who entered the penalty area from the left diagonal, shot hard from the ground, and the ball returned from the post.

    In the 67th minute, Musiala sent a spin on the goal from the right diagonal of the penalty area, and the ball returned from the post once again.

    Costa Rica took the lead in the 70th minute. Watson headed the ball, which was centered in the penalty area from the right. The ball between the goalkeeper Neuer and Vargas hit Neuer last and went into the net: 2-1.

    Germany caught the draw after 3 minutes. Füllkrug sent the ball to the penalty area, which the Costa Rica defense could not clear. Reaching the ball, Havertz sent the ball into the net in the facing position: 2-2.

    Costa Rican goalkeeper Navas did not allow Füllkrug to score in the 76th minute.

    In the 85th minute, Havertz took the stage once again. Havertz, who was available in the penalty area with Gnabry’s pass, scored his second and his team’s third goal: 2-3.

    In the 89th minute, the ball centered on the right, Gnabry dropped the ball with his chest, and in an empty position, Füllkrug sent the round leather ball into the nets: 2-4.

    Germany won the match 4-2.

    Although Germany increased its score to 4 with this result, it left the tournament by remaining in 3rd place behind Spain with the same score. Japan and Spain advanced to the round of 16, taking the top two places.

    In the round of 16, Japan and Croatia matched, and Morocco and Spain matched.

    Neuer made tournament history

    Germany National Team goalkeeper Manuel Neuer became the most capped goalkeeper in World Cup history with 19 times.

    Brazilian Claudio Taffarel and German Sepp Maier were at the top in this field with 18 matches in the tournament.

    A first in the World Cup

    It is the first time a female referee has officiated a match at the FIFA World Cup.

    French referee Stephanie Frappart served in the Costa Rica-Germany match. Brazilian Neuza Back and Mexican Karen Medina Diaz were the assistants of Frappart.

    Frappart made history as the first female referee to blow the whistle in the number one organization of world football at the national team level since 1930.