Correct pixel errors on the monitor using software

Pixel errors in monitors are rather rare. And are often not noticed at all. Unless there are several of them in the field of vision. That can be really annoying. What to do?

Anyone who buys a new monitor will first check the image carefully and complain about possible, conspicuous pixel errors. And even in the weeks and months that follow, there are still many options, from warranty to guarantee to goodwill if errors catch your eye.

Correct pixel errors on the monitor using software

But especially with older screens, self-help is the order of the day. There is always hope when a pixel just “hangs” or shows the wrong color. Then programs like the free “PixelHealer” can help with LCD and TFT displays. The application must be available as a portable version after the Download not installed, only unpacked and can be started simply by double-clicking.

Then use the mouse to move the colored square to the monitor area with the pixel error or several pixel errors and click on “Start Flashing”. After that, the square will quickly change the selected RGB colors. The colored flashing can cause stuck pixels to “recover” and function properly again. However, there is no guarantee of success.

Test the monitor’s RGB color space

If, on the other hand, pixels are really “dead” and cannot be addressed, “PixelHealer” and Co. will not help either. As mentioned at the beginning, it is therefore worth taking a close look at the display of a new monitor. Like with that Pixel error test by developer Thiemo Kreuz.

Simply call up the test page, (usually) switch on the browser full screen with F11 and make sure that there is no dust or fluff on the display. Then search the whole picture for pixel errors. One after the other with the screen completely in white (all ticks set), black (no tick set) and red, green and blue (only the tick behind the corresponding color set).

Don’t forget, so that there is no blind spot in the control: The box with the control elements can be moved by holding the left mouse button.