Copenhagen fashion week 2023, the street style looks to inspire

ORBy now it is increasingly clear to everyone: Copenhagen rhymes with street style. The capital of Denmark has since established its own Fashion Weekhas gained global recognition as “street” trend incubator. Thanks to guests with an impeccable and typically style sense scandi, which reflects the must-haves spotted in the collections that populate the catwalks. If the brands that parade always give away unmissable pieces – just think of Ganni And Baum und Pferdgartento mention the most famous – the It Girls and insiders are no less, indeed.

While on the catwalks for the season Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 the trends signed by Nordic brands such as Skall, Aeron, Wood Wood, Stine Goya, in the middle of the freezing Danish winter the most fashionable personalities unleash their aces up their sleeves. Which also become ours: here are the most original, perfect street style ideas to copy right now the patrons of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023.

The two-tone jeans

Copenhagen’s street style protagonists are most famous for their innate ability to transform into desired the simplest items in the wardrobe. The case of straight jeans: if here we are still stuck in shades of gray and bootcut cuts, in the north there are two-tone models, which mix light and dark denim.

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A trend to be copied now also in a DIY keymodifying an old pair.

Two-tone jeans, the new 2023 trend spotted in Copenhagen (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

The men’s tie

The 2023 trend of men’s tie for her it’s peak. But in Copenhagen they also show, which is not to be taken for granted, how to follow it in style. The model to focus on, black and thin, model necktie. How to wear it: over the classic white or striped shirt, with a V-neck sweater. For a college-style look that is different from the usual.

A masculine tie to elevate the college look (Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images).

The artsy skirt

A long tubular skirt is what, from Copenhagen Fashion Week, the influencers suggest to wear in winter. Of course, not just any model: the advice is to focus on one long skirt worked and artsy in the embroidery, which attracts attention. And it can also be worn, for the more expert, on trousers.

The long and worked skirt, which can also be worn over trousers (Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images).

The rainbow scarf

A notable scarf is the winter accessory to have now. Specifically, according to the street style of Copenhagen: multicolored, with a vintage allure, soft to the touch and to the eye. A rainbow pattern is ideal, and goes with all coats. To tie it, you need a good dose of imagination – effortlessly, in key messy-chic.

The sleeveless trench coat

To be worn in a layering key, on the main outerwear. The sleeveless trench vest is the must-have piece that enhances the 2023 winter outfit and reuse in spring on the midi dress.

Beige or blackto transform the classic layered look and stay warm in style.