Controversy with the Spezia shield

07/07/2023 at 17:00


Spezia fans, upset with the ‘rebranding’ of the shield, ask through for the rectification of the shield

In addition, the Ligurian team will debut its emblem in the Italian second division

The revolution after having gone down to the B-series not only goes through the template, but the Spezia Calcio it has also chosen to redesign the club’s crest. The opinion of the fans of the Liguria team has not been long in coming and has flooded social networks criticizing the new design.

As pointed out from Italy, messages such as “Awful,” “looks like a neo-Nazi symbol,” or “offends our city’s history.” The ‘rebranding’ of football clubs is already common today, some changes have not ended fruitfully, such as the Atletico Madrid. A few days ago, it was decided approved by a vote among the members the desire to return to the old emblem of the mattress club.

Rebranding of the Spezia shield

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The owners of the Spezia Calcio They have already received the request from the fans through ‘’ to rectify the new shield, something that seems improbable today. “You cannot trample on a symbol of more than 100 years that has made the history of Spezia Calcio in this way”, explain the request.