Construction team Rônervaart returns after sixteen years during the Rodermarkt parade

For the first time since 2007, Bouwteam Rônervaart is participating in the parade during the Rodermarkt. Chairman Peter Slootweg has gathered a group of 25 experienced and less experienced builders around him.

Last year, Slootweg helped build the Bomenbuurt team, but now that it is defunct, a new construction team had to be brought in. Because not building is not an option for the man who has been helping to build a float for the parade for twenty years. “I asked builders from the then Rônervaart group if we could use this name again. That was allowed, although many builders at that time no longer wanted to help. But we now have a great team.”

And a varied team, too. “The youngest is 19 and the oldest is 81,” Peter says. “It’s a nice atmosphere. We’ve been here several evenings a week since the spring and it’s always fun.”

At 81 years old, Rob Meeng is the absolute veteran. Today he is putting the finishing touches to a diver’s helmet. “We should be almost done today,” he says. “It’s the finishing touches.”

Construction team Rônervaart has chosen the ‘Finding Nemo’ design. Kyra Slootweg, daughter of the chairman, is one of the creative minds behind the design and responsible for the finish. “Many people who come in are shocked by the bare spots, but we work from top to bottom,” she explains. “We have a tight schedule and we will make it.”

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