Construction company Vaessen delivers our new swimming pool: ‘The Watergeus is the villa among swimming pools’

A few days before Christmas, construction company Vaessen completed our new swimming pool De Watergeus in the Van Tuyll Park. Our editorial team spoke to the proud executor Johan Schuurman: “I have never built such a beautiful swimming pool.”

After completion, the interior of the building and the outside area will be furnished. There will be a spray park for children, playground equipment, a sunbathing lawn, seating areas and parking spaces. The pool will be ready for use before summer.

Try everything once

Johan and his almost 1,000 colleagues have been working on our new swimming pool for more than two years. The building resembles a wellness complex instead of an average swimming pool. “It is not a tin box where it often echoes in the room. It looks more like a bathhouse where we used natural materials. This gives it a calm, relaxing appearance. The architect has created something beautiful.”

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Competition pool in De Watergeus. Photo: in the Zoetermeer neighborhood

Swimming in all weather conditions

The biggest challenge for Johan and his colleagues was to also give the swimming pool building an outdoor function. “Residents from Zoetermeer will soon be able to swim indoors in all weather conditions, but the facade can be opened when the weather is nice. In the summer, as a visitor you can sunbathe outside on the sunbathing lawn and then go inside to swim or slide down the slide. A major challenge was finding the right balance of the indoor climate. There is a big difference between the settings when the walls are open or closed.”

Villa among the pools

Construction company Vaessen has already built many swimming pools in the Netherlands, but De Watergeus stands out, according to Johan. “It is a beautiful pool. The building resembles the Olympic swimming pool in Paris and the De Steur swimming pool in Kampen that we built. Ultimately, a swimming pool building should last about 50 years, but at this location a lot of attention has also been paid to the quality and appearance. It is the villa among pools.”

Try it out on my own

For the past two years, Johan has traveled from his home in Brabant to Zoetermeer every working day. “My experience with the municipality and with Zoetermeren is positive,” he says. “They are social people with whom I have had good contact. I am always happy when we have successfully completed a construction project. On to the next project!” But before Johan closes the door of De Watergeus behind him, he visits one more time. “After delivery, I always return one last time on the following Saturday. I then try out all the pools and the slides on my own.”

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