Connie Witteman was caught by a Weekend paparazzo while she was making a fuss at the Chanel store in Amsterdam’s PC Hooftstraat. “She tapped hard and forcefully on the window.”

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    The opening and closing times of Chanel’s luxury store also apply to Connie Witteman. Very disappointed for the society star, because she wanted to pop in after closing time last week. A weekend paparazzo saw it happen and was stunned by the incident. “The door was and remained shut.”

    For closed door

    Lately, especially since she’s back in a new relationship, Connie seems to be doing really well. She lives in the very expensive PC Hooftstraat and enjoys all the luxury that the very expensive Amsterdam South has to offer.

    However, Connie also has to deal with setbacks: she wanted to buy something from Chanel last week, but that didn’t work out. The store was already closed. “The Chanel employees wanted to go home, their working day was over. And yes, closing time applies to everyone, including our polder diva.”

    Beating Connie

    Connie, however, insisted on going inside. The diva looked a bit strange when the door didn’t swing wide for her at the Chanel store. No matter how hard and forcefully Connie tapped on the window, the door remained shut.”

    That is quite intense, especially because Connie was in a good mood that afternoon when it came to shopping. In the accompanying photos, she has her hands full with new things.

    Bag of 2,400 euros

    Chanel undoubtedly could have made a nice hit that day. “When she tears away in her bright green Biro, we see a very expensive Prada bag of a sloppy 2,400 euros perched on the front seat.”

    Incidentally, according to the Weekend, Connie has remained very ordinary. “Connie just likes nice things, although we won’t see her recklessly throwing money around anytime soon.”

    middle-class family

    Connie once said that she comes from a very ordinary middle-class family. “I’ve worked hard to get to this level: a life I like and want to keep. That might be a nice conclusion: I’m happy like this and cherish my life. I don’t want more, but I don’t want less either.”

    The new Weekend, which also contains the photos of the beating Connie, is now in stores.