Esprit plans to open Futura hubs in London and New York, the clothing retailer announced on Friday. Earlier this year, Esprit announced that it would open a Futura hub in Amsterdam.

    “Esprit is transforming into a truly global company with creative minds and processes in key cities that enable consumers to connect with the brand on a multidimensional level,” said Esprit CEO William Pak. “As a result, Esprit can meet the major challenges in the fashion industry and in the wider environment and drive forward future-oriented developments. Creating an exciting customer experience with intelligent design and a connection to the brand is a promising path forward for Esprit.”

    The hubs combine retail and research. In a previous press release, Esprit indicated that each hub will have a specific task to develop methodologies that enable the brand to implement new solutions across the company. This includes solutions for e-commerce and regular retail channels.

    With the openings in London and New York, Esprit is also returning to the British and American markets. London will focus on researching customer loyalty experiences “to create unique customer experiences for innovative omnichannel networking with the Esprit universe,” according to the statement. The New York location will act as a global creative and design hub. The opening in London is planned for the end of the year and for New York in the first quarter of 2023, reports WWD.

    The status of the announced hub in Amsterdam is currently unknown.

    “With Esprit Futura, we aim to leverage digital technologies, innovation and cross-industry collaboration to improve customer experiences and promote the circular economy in the fashion world,” says Pak. “We look forward to proactively collaborating with experts, designers and startups within the fashion ecosystem and beyond in our innovation hubs.”

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