Once again things went wrong at primary school ‘t Vierspan in Grootebroek. A confused man who lives opposite the school and who previously threatened children with a knife, ran into the square this afternoon screaming. The kids were just playing outside. The man has been arrested.

    Confused man arrested after threat at primary school ‘t Vierspan in Grootebroek

    Mother Stephanie is furious. “Again he ran into the schoolyard screaming this afternoon. Probably in a psychosis,” she says. At that time, groups 7 and 8 were playing outside on the square. “Teachers immediately called 112. The children were brought in. A teacher was hit hard by the man,” said director Durk Stoker.

    “The confused man was overpowered by two undercover security guards. The police took him away,” Stoker continues. The 24-year-old man is still in custody.

    The police took the confused man – Supplied

    Children picked up

    The parents of the children have all been informed and the children have been picked up immediately. Stephanie herself has two daughters at school. Her youngest went with the toddlers to the Pietendorp in the Zuiderzee Museum. “They received the message that they had to stay away from school a little longer. The police were still busy arresting the man at the time.”

    Parents are very angry, says father Roy. His daughter was previously beaten by the confused man. She was playing outside this afternoon when he ran into the school yard. “She called me in a panic. She slammed when she saw the man.”

    During the autumn break, the 24-year-old confused man walked into the schoolyard with a knife. He threatened several playing children. In addition, the 12-year-old Norah beaten by the man. The man – who lives opposite the school – was detained for a number of hours, but was released again.

    The school followed suit additional security. Mayor Wortelboer said that he would do everything possible to restore peace to the neighborhood, but that due to regulations it is not possible to oblige the resident in question or to house him elsewhere.

    “When I’m at work, I want the guarantee that my daughter is safe at school. But apparently that’s not the case, I think that’s serious,” says Roy angrily. “Soon parents will play before their own judge, you don’t want that either.”

    According to the parents, but also according to the school, measures must therefore be taken as soon as possible. “It’s not in our hands. We depend on other bodies to make decisions. We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of that.

    Victim Support

    The teacher is doing well, says Stoker. He maintains contact with the parents to keep abreast of how the students are doing. Victim support is called in, if necessary.

    The previous investigation into the man had already been completed, the police said earlier. He should appear in January.

    The municipality will respond to the incident this afternoon.

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