Confrontation between supporters FC Volendam and Fortuna Sittard after a match, an arrest

Riots broke out after the match between FC Volendam and Fortuna Sittard last night. The Limburg supporters refused to board the bus after the game and sought confrontation with Volendammers. Subsequently, the police were also attacked, and a man was arrested.

The detainee is a 35-year-old man from Geleen. No one was injured in the riots.

FC Volendam defeated Fortuna Sittard 2-1 at home on Friday evening. After the game, the Fortuna Sittard supporters group refused to enter the buses and confronted FC Volendam supporters.

The Limburgers threw stones and cans at the Volendam supporters. Officers’ orders were ignored. After the police lined up, the violence shifted to the officers. Due to the deployment of stewards, the football supporters were escorted into a bus.

Damaged vehicle

The police were again deployed after one of the buses heading for Limburg was damaged. A window in the vehicle was broken, making it unsafe to continue driving. The damaged bus was stopped near Purmerend and another bus was waited for. Just after midnight, the Limburg supporters were able to continue their way.

Previous riots

In recent weeks, more riots have broken out after FC Volendam matches. At the beginning of March, three officers were injured after supporters of FC Volendam and FC Emmen came to blows. A 33-year-old man from Emmen was arrested for this.

Things also went wrong in January after the match against FC Utrecht. Supporters of both clubs clashed in the center of Volendam. After that evening, four men from Volendam were arrested.

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