Confidence in New York: This is how the Dow Jones performs in the afternoon

In the afternoon, investors in New York ventured out of reserve.

At 8:00 p.m., the Dow Jones was trending 0.57 percent higher in NYSE trading at 35,145.41 points. Overall, the index has a market capitalization of 10.706 trillion. Euro. At the start of trading, gains of 0.050 percent to 34,964.82 points were on the price board, after 34,947.28 points the day before.

The Dow Jones reached its daily high at 35,155.00 units, while it marked its lowest level at 34,907.98 points.

This is how the Dow Jones moves over the course of the year

A month ago, on October 20, 2023, the Dow Jones had 33,127.28 points. Three months ago, NYSE trading was suspended for the weekend. On the previous trading day, August 18, 2023, the Dow Jones traded at 34,500.66 points. A year ago, NYSE trading was suspended for the weekend. On the previous trading day, November 18, 2022, the Dow Jones stood at 33,745.69 points.

The index has already climbed by 6.06 percent for 2023. The Dow Jones has so far reached an annual high of 35,679.13 points. However, the low for the year is 31,429.82 points.

The strongest and weakest individual stocks in the Dow Jones

The winning stocks in the Dow Jones currently include Boeing (+4.49 percent to $217.39), Microsoft (+2.23 percent to $378.10), Intel (+1.64 percent to $44.53). ), Salesforce (+ 1.51 percent to $224.56) and Walt Disney (+ 1.40 percent to $95.47). Meanwhile, flop stocks in the Dow Jones are Walgreens Boots Alliance (-1.04 percent to $21.00), Caterpillar (-0.85 percent to $250.91), Procter Gamble (-0.70 percent to $150.01). USD), 3M (-0.64 percent to $94.73) and Visa (-0.44 percent to $248.45).

Which Dow Jones stocks have the largest market value

Microsoft shares currently have the largest trading volume in the Dow Jones. Most recently, 7,103,692 shares were traded on the NYSE. Apple shares are trading at 2.702 trillion in the Dow Jones. Euro currently has the largest market capitalization.

This is the P/E ratio shown by the Dow Jones stocks

In the Dow Jones, Walgreens Boots Alliance shares have the lowest price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) this year at 6.35, according to FactSet estimates. Walgreens Boots Alliance stock is expected to offer the highest dividend yield of 9.28 percent compared to other stocks in the index in 2024, according to FactSet estimates.

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