Conditional prison sentence for producing 26 kilos of psychedelic chocolate | Inland

In his own words, Peter T. wanted to develop energy bars that would make people over 40 vital and able to keep moving.

To achieve this, he used an illegal substance: psilocin. He incorporated it into his chocolate bars.

Psilocin is a hallucinogen found in magic mushrooms. It is on the list of prohibited hard drugs and can cause fears and delusions.


The court finds that Peter T. was aware that he acted in violation of the law and that he took for granted the danger to people who would eat his bars. Not only did he use a banned substance, the bars were also produced under very unhygienic conditions.

According to the court, simply imposing a fine is not sufficient, because Peter T. previously violated the Opium Act “and has made it his profession to seek the limit of what is permissible. In this case, he went over it.”